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Tulasi also called as holy basil, tulasi, tulsi, sacred basil.

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(5tvadiya-dutyena nikunja-yunor atyutkayoh keli-vilasasiddhih tvat-saubhagam kena nirucyatam tad vrinde namas te caranaravindam.

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O Vrinda DeviI offer my respectful obeisances to your lotus feetYou are bathed in your own splendorwhich defeats the effulgence of lightning and the golden campaka flowerThe luster of your transcendental garments is the friend of the leandhilia flower.

O Vrinda DeviI offer my respectful obeisances to your lotus feetThose who are devoid of devotion to Lord Hariand who are thrown by their offenses into the waves of lust and other inauspicious qualitiesmay take shelter of you.

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